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About the Kalaba Inc.

My company, Kalaba Inc., is established automobile manufacturer. We are committed to continual improvements in our performance and thus we have decided to push our boundaries and to become more “green” for the following reasons:

  • To become more environmental-friendly
  • To improve public image
  • To gain a competitive advantage
  • To improve efficiency and lower operating costs
  • To provide a cleaner and healthier work environment

This goal we are planning to accomplish through the expansion of our product portfolio by introducing the cost effective electric vehicle that produces zero emissions called “OK G12”.

Moreover, our partners are helping us in our “green journey” since no company can become sustainable by working on its own:

  • InnovMetric Software Inc.
  • Lenze Americas
  • Akro-Mils
  • Datex

Hence, sustainability is currently our primary concern. We are focused on designing advanced technology electric vehicle that produces zero emissions named “OK G12” and also producing it with as little impact to the environment as possible and all that with a reduction in production cost, which implies lower selling price.